Graphene condoms: super slim and tough, it is that adequate to help make individuals have safer intercourse?

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The proposition of a ultra-thin condom produced from graphene and latex brings design of this contraceptive in to the twenty-first century. We’ve yet to notice a model, however the developers at the University of Manchester stated the thinnest and strongest condom ever made would enhance feeling while having sex, that they wish will encourage more condom usage.

Graphene is a type of carbon that is touted a “miracle material”, could be one-atom dense the strongest ever measured and an upgraded for silicone. James Hone, an engineering professor from Columbia University, stated it had been so strong that “it would simply just take an elephant, balanced for a pencil, to split by way of a sheet of graphene the depth of Saran Wrap cling movie”|film” that is cling.

The program at Manchester is always to combine graphene with latex, presently the primary product utilized in making condoms, in order to make their very own. But will enhancing sensation really make individuals use condoms more?

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They’re still unpopular for a variety of reasons despite condoms being one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia and HIV.

There’s been a complete great deal of research performed into focusing on how frequently condoms are increasingly being utilized, exactly exactly just what problems are connected with with them and people’s attitudes towards them.